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Automatic Christmas Tree Waterer š

xUpdated: 12/09/2009

You can spend up to $50.00 for a waterer, but you canít beat my waterer for less than $5.00.

You'll never have to crawl under the tree again to keep your tree watered.

Build it with your son, daughter or Grandchild. It's a simple siphon and will be a great learning experience.



Automatic Christmas Tree Waterer Parts:

         1 Gallon or greater Plastic Jug (Milk or liquid laundry detergent container will work).
A MilkJug is a little flimsy, but the price is right. The red bucket is a Paint Bucket from Home Depot.

         1 BoltĖIn Tire Valve, available at an Auto Parts Store. You may be able to get used Metal Tire Valves at a local tire store free, just ask.

How to make  a christmas tree waterer

        ††4 ft. or longer 3/8 OD X ľ ID Clear Vinyl Tubing, available at your local Home Improvement Center.

Automatic Christmas Tree Waterer Assembly:

        Drill or cut a hole the size of the tire valve your using near the bottom of the container.

        Remove the Tire Valve Core with a valve cap like this, it's threaded. If you don't have one,

take it to a tire store and they will remove it for you.

        Attach Tire Valve thru hole.

        Screw onVinyl tube to the Tire Valve after warming end of tube in hot water. It should not need a clamp. Check for leaks.

        Wrap a box to cover the waterer and it will look great. Cut a small slot near the bottom for the tube.

        Be sure to only fill the container to a level less than the height of your tree stand. Itís a good idea to test the Waterer before you set up your tree so it wonít overfill the tree stand, then mark the inside of the container.
Place your Christmas Tree Waterer next to your tree, fill the container, and place the vinyl tubing into the bottom of tree stand. Taping a weight to the end of the tubing or screwing on a nut will help keep it at the bottom.
Lift the Christmas Tree Watererup to start the siphon. Youíll see the water flow through the Clear tube. Keep the container filled to the proper level and your tree will never be thirsty.